Where is my "Pay with Bitcoin" button on my website?

The pay with bitcoin button is not an added feature within Shopify as of now.  We will update our users on how to add the button if and when it becomes available. For now, your customer will be able to select bitcoin as a payment option in the final step of the checkout experience.

What is a Pending Status in my Shopify admin dashboard?

A pending status in your orders section can represent two things:

  1. A bitcoin checkout that is abandoned will show up as a pending transaction in your Shopify Admin dashboard with no notes. Feel free to manually delete these.
  2. A standard (on-chain) bitcoin payment will show up as a pending transaction until it has one confirmation. You can differentiate this type of pending transaction by viewing the notes section of the order, where it will say "Do not fulfill order yet. Payment has been made and is pending one confirmation by the Bitcoin network."

Why are my customers getting order notifications before finishing their checkout?

Shopify's platform considers an order complete once you select a payment method with our current integration. Not to worry, the order won't be processed until payment is made. The email sent to the customer links back to their order's invoice where they can complete their order.

How do my customers redeem discount codes for bitcoin purchases?

Entering a discount code is the same as you would for any other purchase.

Where can I find more resources and material for my customers?

Visit our Help Desk for answers to all your questions and feel free to direct your customers to our general FAQ as well.

What is OpenNode's fee structure?

Our fee structure is very straight forward with no hidden charges.

  • 1% per transaction.
  • The first $10,000 in processing is free for new users.

We offer bitcoin and bank withdrawals with the following price structure:

  • Bitcoin withdrawals to external wallets: free
  • Bank withdrawals in local currency: 2% 

A full description of our fees can be found on our pricing page.

How do I set up instant exchange?

Visit your OpenNode dashboard and click bank withdrawals to get started with your KYC approval and follow the instructions.

How do I withdraw funds?

Please read our article in our help section on withdrawals.

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